Charlie at CmeBrew
21615 Old Mansfield Road
Bellville, Ohio  44813
[email protected]
C-MeBrew (pronounced See-Me-Brew) Coffee LLC is a roastery located in North Central Ohio that's been operating for about 20 years now.  It was our intention from the beginning to offer our customers some of the best Arabica coffee at a very low price, and we are still among the best valued online coffee sites for gourmet coffee and tea.
   As far as choosing what coffee variety or blend you wish to try, we offer about 30 kinds, but when you consider that they can be roasted to at least 3 levels you now are faced with 90 choices. I know, it can be bewildering, but I don't think there are any blends or varietals you won't like. But just like me, you will like some better than others.
   If you like a mild cup of coffee, and you drink it black, let me recommend you start with a “city” level of roast. If you like it a little bolder, or if you add anything to your coffee, then try a “full city” roast. I guess that 75% of our customers choose this level. If you are among those who want a heavy roast taste-- then the Vienna level is for you. I offer one even darker as a French roast blend. 
   If I can be of any help to you in any way, don't hesitate to email me or call. However, I may be roasting and can't answer the phone, so please leave me a message. Positive feedback is always appreciated and may be added to the “testimonial page”.